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Love Park Street Dental. My hygienist is always so welcoming and friendly. They make it easy to schedule appointments and send helpful text/ email reminders.

by Jessica H. on 2019-10-01

I have been coming here for 30 years. It has always been a warm, friendly and professional place of business. Thanks to all.

by Kerry G. on 2019-09-29

The fear and angst of the dentist during my childhood has been overturned by these friendly caring professionals- pain free

by Nancy H. on 2019-09-25

I am extremely happy with the care and attention I received at Park Street Dental.

by Robert H. on 2019-09-24

Hello! I just wanted to mention that on the day of my visit for cleaning there was a chair close by that made irritating and loud noises everytime the person moved! It was very distracting and since it happened quite often it really got on my nerves. I am sorry to mention this but a dental cleaning visit is stressful enough and the extra stress didnt help me that day! Thank you

by Anon on 2019-09-21

Always a wonderful experience!

by Jess B. on 2019-09-19

Well-run, caring, and great service

by Michael A. on 2019-09-19

Scheduling was seamless, hygienist was nice, overall good appointment.

by Steffani A. on 2019-09-16

Excellent customer service and dental care.

by Meredith S. on 2019-09-11

Great place been going for years.

by Elizabeth L. on 2019-09-10

Been going here for over 25 yrs and always a great experience

by Michael J. on 2019-09-06

Pleasant and friendly staff from the front desk to the hygienists. Dr. Hoffman is wonderful. I am a longtime patient and would recommend this practice to anyone.

by Ellen P. on 2019-08-31

Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Nanette did an excellent job cleaning my teeth and gave me some new ideas to improve their care. Dr. Hoffman was very thorough and gave me valuable advice. Thank you for making my first visit so enjoyable.

by Marilyn D. on 2019-08-21